Corporate Challenges

Create an Opportunity to Let Your People and Company Grow

Andeanface develops multiple-day outdoor programs for companies and groups, tailored to your specific needs, objectives and budget. Through our Corporate Challenges, companies develop team performance, making people reach beyond their limits, discovering skills they thought they never had…
With team work, companies becomes more productive, efficient and a better place to work. The goal of Andeanface is to guide and motivate your people to discover their potential, to cooporate with and to care for others, themselves, and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Tailor-Made Program

Andeanface believes in combining it’s broad experience and knowledge with your organization’s objectives and ideas to deliver a unique tailor-made program.
Corporate ChallengeWe would be happy to hear the specific interests of your organization, so that we can build a tailor-made program according to your requests. Andeanface offers a complete outdoor experience, however below you will find a list of some of the logistic services we provide to produce Corporate Challenges in Ecuador with outstanding results. We ensure that our personal service and commitment delivers an exceptional experience for your company.

High Safety Standards
Andeanface maintains high safety standards, working only with qualified people. Our strength is communication, especially when you are in remote areas. Our aim is that your team will identify it’s true possibilities in a challenging, but safe environment.

CampingProfessional Guides
Andeanface only works with experienced, certified and qualified bilingual guides who have great knowledge of the mountains and areas that we visit during the Corporate Challenge. Our guides are friendly, enthusiastic and flexible people who make sure that everything runs well.

Excellent Camping & Food
Andeanface provides excellent high altitude tents. Mess tents, kitchen and toilet tents are available for outdoor events.
Our menus are well balanced and prepared according to high standards. Special dietary needs can of course be catered for.

Andeanface provides transport to the outdoor regions in 4x4 jeeps and in buses: our vehicles are very reliable.

We use haciendas and lodges that vary from good to excellent depending on the chosen area and your company’s needs.

Examples of (Sub) Programs

These are two examples of popular Corporate Challenge (sub) programs we are running:
*Corporate Challenge - Cotopaxi: 3 day hiking and camping program to Cotopaxi hut 4.800 m / 15,750 ft;
*Corporate Challenge - Guagua Pichincha: 3 day hiking and camping program to Guagua Pichincha 4.768 m / 15,694 ft.


Cotopaxi Challenge

Guagua Pichincha Challenge




Tailor-Made Program

Andeanface develops multiple-day outdoor programs for companies and groups:

      • Mountaineering and/or Trekking
      • Physical Challenges
      • Team Work
      • Personal Growth
      • Motivation

Tailor-Made Program

      • High Safety Standards
      • Excellent Camping & Food
      • Professional Guides

Create an Opportunity to Let Your People and Company Grow



In March 2013, Andeanface organized a Corporate Challenge program for MTS Retail Russia.
The central theme of their team building Challenge was “Fire” and they climbed the still active volcano Pichincha.

Hi Javier,
First of all I would like to thank you for the organization of this short trip;
I am sure 83 participants was not an easy number to deal with!

The tent camp was very good, food was delicious and the guides fantastic!
Please, say thanks to all the guides of your team and all staff who worked with our group.

I hope to work with you in the future and to visit your beautiful country again.
Best regards, Vladimir Kshnyakin

Project Manager
Department of Corporative Communications
MTS Retail Russia
March 2013

Andeanface Guidelines

As a professional service provider, we follow certain guidelines that are key to a successful operation.
We develop a trusting environment, share memorable experiences & mutual growth and focus on a long-time relationship with our clients.
We aim to fulfil our values and standards by being:

      • Professional
      • Respectful to others and to the environment
      • Honest
      • Responsible
      • Efficient
      • Organised
      • Reliable
      • Resourceful
      • Knowledgeable
      • Flexible and adaptable