Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle

The continental Ecuador has an approximate area of 248.406,5 Km², of which 47% (116.604,06 km²) corresponds to the Amazonia (rain forest), which is almost half of the country. The Amazon region, characterized by its tropical forest, has an incredible biological diversity and is composed of the following provinces, from North to South: Sucumbíos, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe.

Hiking in the Jungle

In terms of biological diversity, Ecuador is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is the home of 1600 species of birds, 415 of amphibians and 3500 of orchids at least, representing 17%, 10% and 18% - respectively - of the world total.

The Amazonia is a unique ecosystem in the world, and scarcely populated: only a small percentage (5%) of the national population lives in the forests and the majority of these people are part of indigenous groups. In fact, in the Ecuadorian jungle live 10 of the 14 indigenous groups of Ecuador: Achuar, Andoa, Cofán, Kichwa, Secoya, Shiwiar, Shuar, Siona, Waorani and Zápara.



Jungle Lodge

Amazon JungleYou can experience the jungle by visiting one of the lodges; some are located within a few hours (bus) drive from Quito, some are further away and better to reach by plane.

Andeanface is not a jungle operator, but depending on your interests, available time and budget we can assist you by booking an extension in any of the following recommended lodges:




Amazon - Highlights

Undergo the real jungle experience:

      • Few hours away from the Capital.
      • Explore the Amazon Basin and its fabulous biodiversity.
      • Short relaxation after your expedition in the Andes.

Amazon - Books

Suggested reading about the Amazon Jungle:

Tigers in the Night: The true Story of Juan and Amalia Arcos, naturalist and lay missionaries in the jungle of Eastern Ecuador, 1922-2003, Bob Howe.
Jungle Nomads of Ecuador: The Waorani, John Man.
Crisis Under the Canopy, Randy Smith.
Savages, Joe Kane.

Other Adventures

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