Antisana is Ecuador's fourth highest mountain. It is pretty remote and offers some of the most interesting climbing in Ecuador. Unlike the other big mountains there is no refuge and a base camp is needed.
Despite its spectacular appearance and the quality of the climbing, Antisana is rarely climbed. This is due to a combination of two factors. First, its moderate technical difficulty, there are no "walk-up" routes on the mountain which means that those who attempt Antisana must have glacier climbing skills. Second, the fact that access to the area around the mountain is restricted in order to protect the wildlife and environment.


The Eroded SummitItinerary The glaciers on Antisana are very active. Their configuration is complex and they are always in process of evolution. Our choice of route will depend on the conditions at the time of our climb. Most likely it will include a combination of moderately angled glacier travel and short, steep sections that require the use of the full range of snow techniques for intermediate terrain. During the last part of the climb we will have to route find. Special care has to be given to the bergschrund below the summit and to potential hidden crevasses.
From the summit there's a wonderful view at the north face of Cotopaxi and a remarkable vista across parts of the Amazon Basin. Summarising, the ascent of Antisana offers great adventure and high quality alpine climbing in a spectacular and seldom visited equatorial environment. The ascent normally takes seven hours and the descent three hours.

Day 1Climbing Antisana; Cotopaxi in the Back

  • Pick up at Quito at around 8:30
  • Travel for 2 hours to the Antisana Ecological Reserve
  • Installation of base camp
  • Skills review and safety talk during the afternoon
  • Early dinner at 18:00

Day 2

  • Climb Antisana leaving at 01:00
  • Descend from mountain
  • Rest, lunch and packing
  • Return to Quito

Important Note: This schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen difficulties.


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Trekking Excursions

Trekking Excursions

Our Trekking Excursions have been designed as day hikes that will allow you to acclimatise properly before attempting some of the major volcanoes. As with the Climbing Excursions the idea is to depart from Quito, but we can arrange to pick you up from another town or city that might be closer to the mountain you choose to climb.

To complement your hiking in Ecuador, we will suggest in each trip some cultural tours or other activities as extensions. We propose tours depending on which area of the Andes you are trekking in. After some of these hikes we can book you to stay the night at some nice haciendas, which are countryside farmhouses converted now into cosy mountain lodges.

Remember that we can develop a tailor made itinerary that will give you the opportunity of making the most out of your time, budget and specific interests.
Please click on an image to select a trekking excursion:


Guagua Pichincha







Culture & Relax

Culture & Relax Extensions

One of Ecuador’s most interesting features besides its amazing nature, is the cultural diversity of its ethnic groups. There are several indigenous communities that strongly preserve their cultural identity, which can be observed at any of the indigenous markets of the country. The two most accessible for their proximity to Quito, are Otavalo and Saquisili markets. They are great places to discover some of the different Andean traditions and to do souvenir shopping during or after your expedition. These cultural tours can be done as an extension to your itinerary.

Another cultural option is to visit the city of Quito. Few cities in the world can match the setting of Quito, a city of two halves: the Old City and the new town. We offer a tour of the city where you can admire its architectural beauty and unique traditions.

Alternatively, a visit to the Papallacta hot springs is always comforting. You can relax there for a day after an expedition admiring the beautiful nature, or if you wish, stay overnight in a lodge enjoying the private thermal baths and fine cuisine.

For more information, click on the images below:

Indian Markets

Quito City Trip




Other Adventures

Other Adventures

Andeanface has expanded its options with special trips to some of Ecuador’s most spectacular destinations, like the unique Galapagos Islands, the mysterious Cloud Forest and the immense Amazon Basin. You can also enlarge your trip with a rafting extension to compliment your Ecuador experience.

Please click on one of the pictures below to learn more about the various extensions:


Cloud Forest

Amazon Jungle





In Ecuador the massive Andean mountain range gives birth to scores of rivers. In fact, Ecuador has one of the world's highest concentrations of rivers per square mile. These rivers wind their way through spectacular gorges, canyons, valleys and jungles, and leave behind hundreds of miles of breathtaking world class white-water that feed into the mighty Amazon.

Ecuador Offers Excellent White-Water RaftingEcuador offers excellent, year-round white-water rafting. In addition to their nearly continuous flows, Ecuadorian rivers, especially those in the east, have warm, tropical waters and excellent accessibility. Whether you are a white-water rafting enthusiast or a lover of kayaking, Ecuador is an unrivalled white-water destination that you should not pass up.

The jungle rivers of the Amazon side of the Andes are generally bigger and have more consistent flows than their west-Andean counterparts. They are also by far the most clean and scenic rivers in all Ecuador. Besides their exceptional white-water, the rivers of eastern Ecuador also provide an opportunity to experience the incredible Amazon jungle and the rhythm of life of its native inhabitants.
The Río Napo, in the jungle, is a fantastic introduction to the rivers of Ecuador. Flowing off the eastern side of the Andes it has some of the longest navigable sections of white water in the country. Combine this with the sights and sounds of the forest environment we pass through and you are guaranteed a day to remember.

We provide life jackets and helmets. A comprehensive briefing on the safety and paddling techniques needed to navigate our way down the river will be given. Rafting time is approximately four hours.
During the trip we stop by the riverside for a delicious picnic lunch including fresh tropical fruits and soft drinks, juice and water. At the end of the trip we celebrate a fun day on the river with a cold beer or soda.

River Grading: IIIPreparing for Rafting

Professional guides, top of the line rafting equipment, a delicious lunch plus snacks and beer, transport from Tena, and a safe, fun trip!

What to bring:
Swimsuit, shorts, T-shirt, tennis shoes and/or river sandals, sunglasses (with retention strap), baseball cap, sunscreen, insect repellent, towel, and dry change of clothes.




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Accommodation In-Between Excursions

Depending on the itinerary you select, we can arrange accommodation in some traditional countryside farms (haciendas), mountain lodges, hostels or hotels.
Most of these beautiful sites have their own history, which makes of them an attraction itself.

The accommodation options according to the area where you will be climbing or trekking would be:

In Quito
Hotel Quito -
Hotel Reina Isabel -
Cafe Cultura -

Bed & Breakfast
Casa Helbling -

Tumbaco B&B -

Posada del Maple -

North of Quito
Hacienda Guachala -

South of Quito
Chilcabamba Lodge -
La Carriona -
Cuello de Luna -

Airport Hotel in Quito
Casa de Hacienda La Jimenita -