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Trekking Expeditions

Andeanface offers two Trekking Expeditions with multiple day hiking in Ecuador: adventures that go off the beaten track towards two chosen beautiful regions of the central Andes. The Cotopaxi Trek Challenge and Quilotoa Trek are hikes that go deep into remote rural areas of the country. During these expeditions there will be the change to visit some local Haciendas, nowadays converted into hiker’s lodges, and get to know more about the life of the Andean people of Ecuador.

The Cotopaxi Challenge is a very unusual way to reach the Cotopaxi National Park by foot, starting just a few kilometres near the city of Quito and walking up to where the snow line begins at 4.800 m / 15,744 ft.
The Quilotoa Trek will give you a cultural view of the lives of the Indigenous peoples in a remote and less visited mountain area.
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Cotopaxi Challenge

Quilotoa Trek


Trekking Difficulty Levels

Our Trip Rating system ranks each trip from easy level to strenuous level according to the degree of activity and general travel rigors. Normally our climbing activities are rated from intermediate to strenuous and our trekking activities are rated from easy to moderate.

Easy - Trekker should expect easily 4 hours of hiking a day. You should be in good shape.

Moderate - A typical day consists of 4-6 hours of walking with an elevation gain of 500 to 800 m / 1,600 to 2,624 ft. A good condition is a must.

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