Photo Gallery - Culture

This gallery shows you the diverse culture of Ecuador.

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Zumbahua by Javier Herrera

Contributing Photographers

We were able to compile our galleries thanks to the contributions of the following photographers:

Javier Herrera
Founder of Andeanface and a recognised mountain guide in Ecuador, Javier has been taking pictures of his adventures for the last 10 years.

Javier Mora
An expert freelance photographer and a knowledgeable mountaineer, Javier takes advantage of the places he visits as a guide to capture magic moments.

Daniel Romagosa
Graphic designer, trekking guide, and naturalist photographer, Daniel combines his skills with a unique perspective.

Mario Vasconez
A mountain guide well known for his explorations in Ecuador and as one of the founders of the Catholic University Climbing Club, Mario resides in Germany now a days.

Ine Martens
President of Danielle Children's Fund and full-time volunteering for the foundation, Ine has had the opportunity to see a lot of the cultural side of Ecuador.


Culture Gallery

We are proud to show you in this Gallery the diverse culture of Ecuador: people's faces, markets, handicrafts, cities and villages, animals, etc.




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