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Project in Ambato

Many kids in Ambato live in the streets for economic reasons, even though they do have parents or other family members who could take care of them. It is our strong belief that, if possible, a child should always live with its own next of kin!
Therefore, the Daniëlle Children’s Fund, with the support of Andeanface and other sponsors, created a Child 'N Family centre in Ambato and is still controlling and supervising the local people who are running it. The centre has the following two programs:

Volunteer for Danielle Childrens FundTemporary Institutional Custody: Admission of children only happens via Children Courts or via the Children’s Police. Children admitted are street kids and children victim of maltreatment & abuse, who need a temporary home due to the necessity of immediate protection. The Child ‘N Family centre accompanies them with the goal to re-establish the link between the child and its family enabling the families to come up with their own solutions to resolve their problems.

Systemic Family Services: Our local technical ambulatory team (social worker, psychologists and family therapists) works a lot within the family's houses instead of always within the institution. The focus of the Child ‘N Family centre is on systematic family therapy. Besides this, we offer social, medical and educational services to the children and their families until they can function independently.

Volunteering in AmbatoVolunteers for Danielle Childrens Fund

The voluntary work program which Andeanface offers at the Child ‘N Family centre in Ambato consists of assisting the child caretakers in the daily care of the children, teaching English and playing with the kids; but it also includes practical labour, like construction works, painting buildings and maintaining the garden. In other words… there is a lot to do and you are more than welcome!





Daniëlle Children's Fund

Danielle Childrens Fund
Daniëlle Children’s Fund (DCF) is a non-profit charity organization, based in The Netherlands. DCF’s mission is to accompany children in need and their families in Ecuador and Nepal, re-establishing and maintaining the link between them. While doing that, DCF focuses mainly on educational, medical, social and psychological services. All DCF members strongly feel the need to share with the children and families what God is giving to them. In both countries, DCF runs Child ‘N Family centres through local operational team.
The centre in Ecuador is located in Ambato. It offers a temporary home to children in need, with the aim to reunite them with their families.