El Quinual

Volunteering - El Quinual

The tiny village El Quinual is located at 3.400 m / 11,152 ft in the Chimborazo province. This province is a highly indigenous populated area attracting lots of visitors due to the presence of Ecuador’s highest mountain, Chimborazo. Unfortunately, the region has a high level of poverty. That is why Andeanface started a volunteer program for student groups in El Quinual.

Volunteering in El QuinualThe project involves for example building a playground for the village and painting the community house. The project will be coordinated together with Rodrigo and Maria Canga, the President of El Quinual.
In the recent past, British volunteers of Harrow School have assisted in building the structure of the community house; a few months later, the project was finished by students from Wellingbrough School, also from the UK. So far the project has been a great success!






Hostel Urbina

During the voluntary work the students stay at Urbina, a hostel located right in front of Chimborazo. Urbina used to be a train station, but has been converted into a hostel by Rodrigo Donoso, one of Ecuador’s leading environmental activists and climbers.