Cloud Forest

Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve

Deep in the heart of the cloud forest, where clouds and trees blend in a tapestry of mystery and magic, discover a protected reserve with an overwhelming profusion of life. It's a place for adventure, relaxation and deep contact with nature, home to hundreds of species of plants, birds and other animals.

Bellavista in the Cloud ForestThis natural sanctuary of 700 hectares (over 1800 acres), offers multiple accommodation options from a four story, thatched roof, 360 degree glassed geodesic dome (surrounded by 19 different kinds of hummingbirds), to a luxurious bamboo house, or a house alone deep in the forest!

The reserve has 9 kilometres of trails, ranging from easy to adventurous, which take you through primary and secondary forest, and to 3 hidden waterfalls.




HummingbirdThese misty mysterious forests provide a home to the endangered spectacled bear, mountain lion, tayra and more. Over 320 species of birds have been recorded in and around the reserve and the Tandayapa Valley, including some endangered species.

Located less than two hours away from Quito, on the edge of one of the 25 "biodiversity hot spots" in the World, the Tumbes-Choco-Magdalena region was named the first Area of International Importance for Birds in South America in 1997, making it a fantastic option for nature lovers.


Cloud Forest - Highlights

Discover these mysterious and magical woods:

      • Get to know more about what is Cloud Forest.
      • A birdwatcher’s paradise.
      • A recovery relax extension.

Cloud Forest - Bellavista

The mission of the Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve is to create a space for active conservation of the cloud forest, and provide educational recreation and a place of contemplation for visitors of all ages from all over the world.  Our total commitment to forest conservation is taking giant steps forward as one large reserve related to Ecuador´s national system of protected areas is being created between all the private reserves in the Tandayapa Valley, a goal to which we have strived since we started.

To read more about the reserve, visit their website.

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