Lodging & Food


Every expedition begins in Quito where we stay in a comfortable hotel with hot water, private bathrooms, and trusted staff. Our climbing expeditions normally leave the hotel after two nights.
One of the highlights of trekking and climbing in Ecuador is staying at some Haciendas in between hikes or climbs.

Hacienda Porvenir

The so-called Haciendas were large Spanish farm houses converted now into hotels, hostels or climbers’ lodges.
We always try to include some of these in the itinerary, to give our clients a great feeling of the rural life in our country and at the same time a good rest while getting the taste of Ecuadorian hospitality!
Before the summit attempts, on most of the major peaks, we stay the nights in well-equipped mountain refuges, complete with electricity and bathrooms. In some cases such as Antisana, where there is no hut, we will set up a base camp where we spend the night before the attempt. In this case, we provide excellent high altitude tents. We use Terra Nova Quasar tents (3 pax), in which two people can sleep very comfortably. Mess tents, kitchen and toilet tents are also available.

We can make any hotel reservation that will be needed for your trip in Ecuador.

FoodChilcabamba Lodge Offers Excellent Food

Our many years of mountain travels in Ecuador have provided us with well-tested and nutritious meal plans and our cooks have lots of experience. They prepare very tasty meals with high standards. The menus are well balanced with a fair amount of carbohydrates needed for the hikes and climbs.
Be sure to bring along your favourite energy food and after dinner treats. If you have specific allergies or special dietary needs, our staff will provide meals accordingly if it was specified on your application.






Our services include the organization of logistics of the excursions and expeditions for private groups, climbing companies and outdoor organizations. We have been providing reliable logistic support to climbing & trekking international operators, as well as student organizations. The number of services provided depends on the needs of the client and the level of service required for the specific trip.
We know exactly what makes an expedition run smoothly: reliability in all the aspects of logistic support provided by the local agent.



We provide special permits to restricted mountain regions which are normally owned by private owners such as Antisana, Quilindaña, the eastern access of Pasochoa, the northern side of Rumiñahui, etcetera. We have all the licenses (operations permits) needed to be able to transport people into National Parks and Reserves.


Our vehicles are very reliable; we can get you and your gear anywhere in Ecuador. We provide transport with drivers to the mountains or to any remote region of the country. We use 4x4 jeeps and/ or mini buses.