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Please find below testimonials from our clients about their trekking and/or climbing experiences with Andeanface in Ecuador.
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Traveling with Andean Face doing the Hacienda Trek was a fantastic way to visit Ecuador and some of its treasures. Pablo was a exceptional guide.  He was not only a wealth of history and culture but I always felt safe while hiking.  Ecuador is an unpretentious country of beautiful people and landscapes. The hiking was fantastic and safe.  Our trip was varied and interesting every day.  We discovered authentic Haciendas and guest houses where we were served fantastic local fare and warm hospitality.  

 Allison Hooper USA Hacienda to Hacienda Trek June 2019

Hi Javier:

 The whole trip was fantastic! Of course the three climbs were very challenging, especially the Chimborazo, but thanks to Jose and Mauricio for their encouragement

I enjoyed the location of the different haciendas for the rest. A true ecuadorian experience!

I will definitely recommend Andeanface to other climbers

Best regards


Richard Leclercq France Volcanoes Expedition June 2019


Hi Javier,

 The trip was wonderful!

Thank you for putting all of this together, we have enjoyed every minute and all the people we met along the way!

 Alisa and Mike USA Cotopaxi trek and climb April 2019


Hi Javier:

 I'm very happy with the expedition and to have reached planned summits. The guides were very good and dedicated. The logististic was very good and the drivers were very kind and did also a great job.As a final word, I would like to thank you, your guides and particularly José for this nice volcanoes expedition.I have enjoyed it a lot and it was a very good experience for me.

 Christian Fleckinger France Volcanoes Expedition Feb 2019


Elizabeth and I really enjoyed the Hacienda to Hacienda trip.  Pablo was a great guide; he was extremely helpful, and a fantastic naturalist, historian, and human being.  The variety of lodges provided a nice mixture of character, comfort, and accommodation. This was an excellent hiking adventure; it was well planned (a thoughtful itinerary), and we  can confidently recommend this trip (and Andeanface) to others.  Ecuador is a very beautiful country and we hope to return in the near future.

Most sincerely,

Lawrence and Elizabeth Datnoff USA (Hacienda to Hacienda trek Jan 2019)


In December my wife and I took the Hacienda-to-Hacenda trek with Andean Face. It is a well though out trek though an absolutely beautiful Country. The trek takes you though some of the best parts of the Andean Highlands and is an amazing blend of culture and adventure. Our Guide Joaquin was fantastic, he has a deep knowledge of the culture, history and ecology of his native country.  We enjoy the solitude of the national parks, the experience of visiting native markets and the relaxing lodges along the way.  Javier of Andean Face was excellent with the booking and logistics of the trip. I would highly recommend this trek and Andean Face in general to anyone wanting to experience Ecuador.

 Kevin Birk USA (Hacienda Trek December 2018)


Hi Javier:

 I wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time on our trip with Andeanface - we enjoyed exploring the Cotopaxi Nacional Park and Fabian Freire was a great guide -he looked after us really well and was knowledgeable and entertaining!


Jane Richardson UK Cotopaxi Challenge trek November 2018

Hi Javier

I thought that the trip was well organized from start to finish. I felt that you did a good job communicating with us. We loved our guide Romel. He's so lovely, knowledgeable, and we always felt safe in his presence. Overall, it was a great experience and probably one of our most memorable and favourite trips!

 Joanie Gaudreau &  Jennifer Martin Canada (Glacier school expedition November 2018)


Hi Javier

Overal the itinerary was great and the trek was everything we were hoping for, our guide Benno was excellent and enjoyed his company throughtout, the trekking was at the right level and very intresting (great variation of enviroment), all accomodation was good and varied. 

Richard Bradbury Australia (Hacienda to Hacienda Trekking Octuber 2018)


Javier, the hikes were amaizing, we loved hiking with Franklin. He is a terrific and talented guide

Thanks for everything

Lata Stavropoulos & family USA ( Private trip September 2018)


Javier I want to thnk you for your very profesional service in helping me to climb Cotopaxi. We had a blast and made it to the top. A real achievment for me coming from the flat arid lands of Australia. I can not recomend Ramiro Garrido highly enough as a guide, he was very profesional, supportive and a pleasure to climb with 

Many Thanks again 

David Swan Australia (Cotopaxi climb July 2018)


Hey Javier, The trip was great. I thought Henry Moya was a very profesional guide (cetainly as good as any american guide I have ever met) and that the activities were well organized. It was a wonderful first exposure to mountaineering in south America.

Denies Lawrence USA ( Cotopaxi trek and climb June2018)


Javier, we had great time. It was quiet an adventure, Iliniza was my favorite trek. Cotopaxi was harder tha I had imagined. I wish I would have understood how challenging it was. I  think the trip was very well planned. We enjoyed the haciendas and the services was excellent. The most important we had wonderfull guides

Ximena Pareja USA ( private Cotopaxi expedition May 2018)


Hi Javier,

Just wanted to let you know the expedition went really well. Marco and Romel were very professional and friendly with our group. Even at the end of the climbs Tracy and I were both a little irritable (mostly because of the altitude) and Romel was very gracious and patient. I cannot recommend your company enough and will definitely be in touch next time I do any climbing in this area.


Devon Smith USA (Cotopaxi expedition March 2018) 


Hi Javier:

 Many thanks for arranging an excellent experience. As you have been told by now, we had 100% success for our students. Everyone is very satisfied. Diego is a exceptional guide and host, his mountain skills and personal humor are strong. I feel we formed a personal friendship. I am happy to serve as a reference should someone wish to discuss our experiences. 

 Rodney Ley

Outdoor Program Colorado State University Feb 2018



One of the reasons I choose Andeanface in Ecuador was for the certification and experience of the guides. I knew I would be in good hands for the trip, and you can't put a price on peace of mind. I had two different guides from Andeanface, and both were great to work with.  They were passionate about the mountains, climbing, and safety.  We made all our summit goals, but most importantly the entire experience was awesome. I hope to return to Ecuador and take on some less-traveled routes and I would definitely use AndeanFace again.  If you are looking for a fun, stress-free trip, that combines great climbs with an ability to relax and unwind, AndeanFace will make that happen.

 Javier - thank you for a wonderful experience, memories, and 6 out of 6 summits in 2 weeks!  

Jackeline Heller USA (Private Expedition Jan 2018)



Thank you so much for your incredible service, care and organization of our trip, taking care of me when I got sick went above and beyond. It really was something we will never forget and we could not have done it without you! I hope you have enjoyed some of the blog post that includes Andeanface and we will continue to spread the word of what an amazing little company you are

Michelle Jackson (Canada Cotopaxi Expedition Dec 2017)



Thank you for putting together the trip for me and my son. Everything went smoothly. Diego our guide was great. We did not accomplished as much as we planned but this happens on the mountains. As for me. I will be back I am working on loosing some weight and will return when my son is back from school

Cristi Trufas USA Private trip Oct 2017



The trip was AMAZING!!! everysingle day exceeded my expectations. I wish it never had to end! Abraham and Marco were great guides. I coud tell that they were very experience and fel extremely safe in their hands. They inspired me to continue climbing and to improve my skills. Thank you for all your help in arranging and preparing for this trip. I hope to b in contact in the near future!

Joey Montgomery USA ( 4 summits express September2017) 



I would like to thank you and your team for helping us to have an amazing time in Ecuador highlands. This was the best experience in terms of the level of service and flexibility. Unmatched in terms of responsiveness and quality We all felt in love with this beatiful country and it´s people. Special thanks go to Diego Zurita! He puts his heart into his work and is very genuine in helping us to learn and appreciate Ecuador mountaineering

Katerina Belinson Canada ( Private Expedition July2017)


The simple fact is that there are a number of guides services that can get you to the top of Cayambe, Antisana and Chimborazo. But if you really want to have the experience of a lifetime, then choose Andeanface. Their entire staff, from support of Javier to super guide Estalin Suareaz, were nothing less that outstanding. They were the difference between a nice trip and a super one that won´t ever forget

Gerald Flynn USA ( Volcanoes Expedition June 2017)


Hi Javier

The climb of Cayambe was amazing experience Marco was an excellent guide. I felt I was in great hands the whole time. I highly recommend him and Andeanface to anyone wanting to challenge themselfs with climbs in Ecuador

Thank you so much for your help!

Weston Lott USA ( Private expedition April 2017)


According to our climbing experiences all over the world, Andeanface is at the higest level of organization and performances. Very good guides as well as nice people, always willing to listen and help. They have take care of very detail and could not have asked anything better. We can highly recommend Andeanface for your climbing expriences in Ecuador

Giorgio Massetti Italy ( Private expeditions March 2017)


"Our family had a superb trip to Ecuador to climb the 4 summits express! The planning, communications. organization, leadership and guides did an outstanding job in leading the trip. From the very beginning of communications, Javier, as a mountain guide answered all our questions, provided excellent advise and setting realistic expectations of what to expect,it was clear that Andeanface is highgly organized and has extensive experience in mountaineering. Highly recommed to anyone who wants to have a mountaineering experience in Ecuador. The trip was great preparartion for more difficult climbs!

Steven Eshenaur USA ( 4 summits express February 2017)



The trip was great, Fredy is such a great guide and he made so many things possible for me. I could have done more but in the end age took its toll. I am very happy with what I have accomplished. Thank you for all your help. You have a great company going there. I will be back, this time with my wife for trekking

Sid Ansari India- Canada (Volcanoes Expedition January 2017)



Just wanted to write you thanking you for everything you did to make our climing experience enjoyable Benno was the perfect guide for our trip. Everything he did made our experience in the Andes unforgatable. His knowledge of the region, sense of humor, and mountaineering expertice were unparalleled. We summited both main mountains, ate gynea pig and stay at beatiful Haciendas. Thank you


Bill Bodenschatz  USA (Glacier school Expedition December 2016)


Hi Javier:

Thank you for setting up with Marco. You were right: he was very profesional and very very kind. Even with my health problems, he was supportive, encouraging and very understabding of me. Despite the weether and my conditions, I enjoyed being in the muntains of Ecuador. You have a great program. Thank you for helping me with this and also for your suggestions for my continuing visit. Andeanface has been great 

Riki Lawson Canada  (Volcanoes Expedition November 2016)



I was really impressed with this trip. Rommel was very friendly and profesional guide. Also de organization was great and the hotels we stayed in were very nice. The only thing I would recommed is putting googles on the packing list in addition to sunglases

Issac Mcknown USA  (Volcanoes Expedition Octuber 2016)



Thank you very much for organising the trip and sorting out the appointment with the Doctor for me. You really went above and beyoned, and I am very greatful. The trip was excellente, Jose Salazar is a very nice guy,and clearly extremely competent at what he does

Anna Petherick UK (Private trip August 2016)


Hi Javier

The trip was great. The new timetable with Iliniza hut and 2 nights in the Hacienda was perfect for me. Marco Castillo was a great guide, with a lot of patience, knowledge, and in a good mood. I felt myself very safe with with. The rest day was very intresting, the food always very tasty.

I will recommend you

Thank you very much!

Kristina Stuerz Austria (July 2016, 4 summits express)  


Javier is the person that will help you with all kind of mountain trips in Ecuador ( and not only): honest, profesional, everything is clear, no negative surprises. Highly skilled in climbing and really helpful. If you are looking for help with a trip in Ecuador, do not look anymore

Marcin Mentel Poland  ( June 2016 Private Expedition)


My Friend and I ( males, ages 28) decided to book with Andeanface for their glacier school. Javier was our main point of contact previous to the trip and he was clear, helpful and made sure everything was organized for a smooth trip. Abraham ( the guide) has been the best we have ever used and would love to climb with him again soon. He is calm. safe and informative!

Mike Cotte and Taylor Atkinson Canada (Glacier School Expedition May 2016)



Thank you that you set uo for us; I love all the accommodations, the food, and the activities. I do not imagine that we could have done this on our own for less. Marco took very good care of us. He always made sure everything was arranged for us. Abraham took good care of us too when he was with us. This allowed us to remain stress free in that respect and focus on getting ourselfs ready for the climbs, You truly gave us a trip of a lifetime and thoughts of returning hopefully become more that just thoughts!

Bonnie Betts USA ( Private Expedition March 2016)



Good morning, Brad and I had what I consider a perfect climb on Cayambe yestarday. Weather conditions could not have been better. I particularly wanted to thank you for the guiding service of Estalin. His leadership, mountaineering skills, and patience gave me complete confidence the entire climb. In addition to those positive traits, he is also a great company, I would certainly recommend Andeanface and Estalin to any future clients. I am hoping to make it back to Ecuador in the future. Perhabs another climb. I will reach out to you if I can make it happen!

Thanks again!

Jay Paul USA ( Private Cayambe climb Februray 2016)



I am back home in the US, but wanted to take a moment to thank you for a memorable trip to Ecuador. I can not say enough positive things about our guide Abraham, He is an outstanding guide and even better person. We enjoyed his company and leadership. Romel was also superb guide. Both he and Abraham are very skilled, but were quick to share their knowledege and help us learn to be better mountaineers. I will certainly promote Andeanface to anyone I meet  wanting to climb in Ecuador

Russel Fellers USA (Volcanoes Expedtion Jan 2016) 


Hi Javier: 

I had great Time with Andeanface and Diego Castillo and , I would say he is probably the best mountain guide I have worked with, and I was really impressed with his knowledge of the climbs and his good company. It was disappointing not to quite make the summit of Chimborazo, but no other team made it up on that day. Antisana and Cayambe were really good!. I will definitely come back and book more climbs with Andeanface again!

Sam Worsley UK ( Private Expedition Dec 2015)


Hey Javier

Just wanted to write and say thanks again for all your help. All the logistics worked well, Luis was great, and I think my clients left happy having had just enough luck to get up all three peaks and see the sunrises. I am sure I will come back with more clients again, and when I do I´ll be in touch with Andeanface

Christopher Wright USA IFMGA Guide (Private Trip November 2015)



The trip was amazing!. Thank you so much for setting up an incredible adventure. Summiting the volcanoes was a great feeling. Abraham could not have been a better guide. He was kind, patient, fun, motivating, and  fun to be around

Zach and Julian Waksal USA ( Private Expedition Octuber 2015)





Clement and myself were very happy with the new trip you run instead of Cotopaxi trek "4 Summits Express Expedition", it was fantastic experience: a phisical challenge, beatiful lansscapes and good atmosphere in the group. The food was good, the mood and experience of the guides / staff was perfect, material was in good conditions and the lodges we stayed were very nice!! Thanks again

Philippe Juliard

 France- Belguim (4 Summits Express Expedition August 2015)



Thanks so much for the great trip. It was amazing, we really did not realize the magnitude of these mountains until you are in them. Benno was truly the best guide like you said. He put up with many questions and had a great sense of humor, Marco and Abrham were excellent too. We could not have done it without this enthusiastic team!

Connie Delisle

Canada ( Volcanoes expedition July 2015)


Hi Javier:

We had a great time. It was quite an adventure. Illiniza was my favorite trek. Cotopaxi was much harder than I imagined. I wish I would have understood how challenging it was. However, sometimes we need to try something prior to really understanding how to train/ prepare. I thought the program was very well planned, we enjoyed the haciendas and the service was excellent. Finally most important we had wonderfull guides and people

Ximena Pareja

USA (Cotopaxi Private Expedition, June 2015)


Hi Javier

I wanted to send you an email to say how much Abby and I enjoy our trip with Andeanface. Marco Castillo was very profesional through the expedition. We enjoyed our time with him and the conversations we had. We hope to come back again to climb with Andeanface and with Marco

Craig Hyslop

Canada, (Cotopaxi Private Expedition, May 2015)

- - - - 

Our expedition was excellent. Romel, the guide exceeded my expectations on the mountains, and as general guide/friend during the whole trip. He prepared us for each climb by giving a good descripction of what to expect, checking our gear, and keeping us well rested and healthty. During the climbs he was serious, yet very pleasent to climb with, Canada

( Darrel Ainscough Antisana- Chimborazo Expedition, April 2015)

_ _ _

Hi Javier:
An extraordinary pleasant experience that I will never forget. I would without a doubt, recommend Andeanface to anyone seeking my opinion.
Starting with you, you were quick to respond to our emails prior to our trip and we were well prepared for our excursions. You continued to assist during our stay, keeping in touch with us through emails.
Benno is without a doubt, an extraordinary guide; he is funny yet professional, talented, knowledgable and reassuring. He is always pleasant to be around. His instructions were clear and precise and well received by us all.
Thanks for the memories!

Andre Thieren, Canada (Volcanoes Expedition, March 2015)

_ _ _

Thanks for your email. I was very pleased with my experience with Andeanface. My guides Marco and Diego Castillo were very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly and focused on safety, which was great. Summiting Cotopaxi and Cayambe have been some of the best mountain experiences of my life, and I am very thankful for your organization to have made it happen.
I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who want to do some mountaineering in Ecuador. When I come back to Ecuador and want to try other mountains, I would be happy to ask for your services again.
Thank you once again for organizing all of this and Merry Christmas!

Pierre Banville, Canada (Private trip, February 2015)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
I was happy with EVERY aspect of my Cotopaxi acclimatization trip. The guides were fluent and responsible, the lodges were very comfortable, the food excellent, the equipment in good shape. Henry took the time to help me practice my terrible Spanish, and Benno got me to the top of Chimborazo (even through the “penitents” to the Whymper summit - so I'm very happy about that)!

Tom Miner, USA (Private Expedition, January 2015)

_ _ _

Thanks again for the organizations and full professionalism, we will have good memories from this trip, from the start, when you picked us up, we felt your personalized attention to details was great

Jerek Jarek Myszkowski, Poland (Private Expedition, December 2014)

_ _ _

We did not summit Cotopaxi (Robby felt weak and tired at the top of the moraine so we stopped), but Marco was an exceptionally good guide. The different haciendas also gave us a wonderful introduction to many different aspects of the Ecuadorian countryside.
The entire experience of the trek and climb was rich and fulfilling for us and we are very grateful to you and Marco!!
All the best,

Rina Hakimian, United States (Cotopaxi Trek & Climb, November 2014)

_ _ _

A friend and I climbed Cotopaxi with Andeanface in July 2014 and had a great experience. We were guided by the knowledgeable and friendly Felipe Jacome, who was not only a highly qualified mountain guide, but also a fount of knowledge on a number of issues ranging from outdoors medicine to local plants and animals. The whole trip was organized and personally supervised by Andeanface’s owner Javier, who ensured everything went smoothly. A great experience with a fabulous team – we hope to return to climb with them yet again!

Fuat Savas, United States (Cotopaxi, August 2014)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
The trip was great - we got to the top of all 5 mountains, and more importantly, made it back down safely. Marco was a really good guide - I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know, and if I were climbing in Ecuador again, I would want to go with him. I suppose the only thing which could have been improved a little was that Richard's boots were a little bit old, overall, a very good experience and I would recommend Andeanface to others and if I am ever back for some climbing in Ecuador, you will hear from me!

Ben Mostafa, Australia (Volcanoes Expedition, July 2014)

_ _ _

First of all I have again to tell you how professional and organized everything was. I told you at our first meeting. We reached both summits; was also because of that professional work! Thanks!
The equipment (camping and mountaineering) was good; our cook at Illiniza Norte made a great job, very tasty. Freddy and Henry speaking both very good English (better than ours sometimes...). In total there is not much to make that tour better; perhaps just some little things, which are not worth mentioning…

Henry Bishoff, Germany (Private Cotopaxi Expedition, june 2014)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
I very much enjoyed our trip, and think that Henry did an excellent job of balancing the different needs and expectations of our mixed group - please pass on my thanks and best regards to him. I enjoyed the trekking leading up towards Cotopaxi, and the contrasting terrain and scenery of the different days, as well as good acclimatisation. Of course, it was brilliant to get to the top, and the views as the sun was rising were amazing!

Claire Wilshaw, UK (Cotopaxi Trek & Climb, May 2014)

_ _ _

Dear Javier:
We all enjoyed our trip immensely!!! It was awesome! All of us agree that choosing your company and your services made the trip extremely comfortable and fun! Fabian Freire was wonderful and so knowledgeable about the flora, terrain, demographics, animals, trails, people, parks, mountains, etc. He made our hiking such a great experience! I have nothing bad to say, and would travel to Ecuador (and with Andeanface) again anytime!! I hope I do have a chance to go back to your country and hike more of the Andes. Your travel planning was excellent!! This trip exceeded my expectations and was truly a once in a lifetime experience! Thanks again for such a wonderful adventure!

Sharon deMaria Osgood, USA (Cotopaxi Challenge Trek, March 2014)

_ _ _

Dear Javier:
Yesterday evening (22 February 2014) we organized the release of our movie of the Antisana Charity Expedition 2013. All our heroes were present. It was a wonderful evening and everybody enjoyed it. That our heroes collected more than Euro 8,000.00 for the charity (the Child ‘N Family centre in Ambato, of Daniëlle Children’s Fund) was a big part of the success of this expedition. The other part was definitely the professional organization of the expedition. We enjoyed our stay in Quito, we loved the beautiful lodges during the expedition and we felt safe in the hands of an experienced mountain guide like Gaspar. The combination of charity and expedition gives an extra dimension to this adventure. We gave something back to the people of a country where we enjoyed the nature and had our best holiday ever! We are very grateful for that.

Erik and Wilfried, Belgium (Antisana Charity Expedition, December 2013)

_ _ _

Hi Javier:
Our 7 day Cotopaxi program with Andeanface was without hesitation the best trip my son and I have ever taken. Our main guide, Henry, was extraordinary and truly helped bring the whole experience to life. The itinerary prepared by Andeanface for proper acclimatization was perfect and allowed both of us to achieve our life long goal of climbing a near 6000M peak. The hiking, climbing, accommodations, food, attention to safety and personal well-being and the cultural experience at the ground level were nothing short of awesome. You simply cannot put a price tag on the level of service that we enjoyed from Andeanface and their guides and the value speaks for itself when you compare.

Douglas Morrow, USA (Cotopaxi Expedition, February 2014)

_ _ _

We had an incredible experience with Henry Moya and Adeanface. Henry was very knowledgeable and patient, and made our trip very rewarding. Even though Sara and I did not make the summit of Cotopaxi, we were all very pleased with the entire trip – and we were happy to make the two other summits. The arrangements, food, lodging, equipment, itinerary, etc. – all contributed to an experience of a lifetime. We were particularly impressed with Henry - as well as Ciro and Diego – they did all they could to make the trip so worthwhile for each of us. We would definitely climb with Henry and Andeanface again.
All the best.

Doug Goldbear, USA (Cotopaxi Trek & Climb Expedition, January 2014)

_ _ _

Looking from the summit of Chimborazo to Cotopaxi, it was hard to believe that it was three-and-a-half years ago that I was standing on top of Cotopaxi and set the top of Chimbo as my goal. I've been on three climbing trips to Ecuador, and all three have been with Andeanface. Javier's attention to detail, focus on safety, and knowledge of the mountains and their various routes have been instrumental in me summiting Cotopaxi, Cayambe, Antisana, Iliniza Sur and now Chimborazo. Just as important are the guides Andeanface hires. They're the best in Ecuador. Gaspar, Nacho, Esteban, and the other guides are truly world-class, and make sure they show you the authentic Ecuador between mountains. Thanks again to everyone at Andeanface!

Private Expedition November 2013, Antisana Charity Expedition 2012, Cotopaxi Trek & Climb 2010

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
Everything went very, very well; thanks to Henry we achieved our objective and learned many things during the Glacier School. Everyone who was around us was fantastic; I need to give special thanks to Henry Moya, you have a great team! We really liked all Hotels, but Hacienda el Porvenir is very special!

Teresa Garcia, Spain (Glacier School Expedition, November 2013)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
We were very happy with our trip; and very happy with Henry. Even if we didn't exactly go for what had planned, what we've done was great. I hope we will come back (rather around December) for the Cotopaxi traverse (yes, still in mind) to see the crater (which was in the mist this time) and other ascents. Maybe in a few years (want to discover other South American countries first)...
We really appreciated to feel that you were diligently supervising and following up our trip while we were on the mountain. We felt at ease, which was important for us as we were experiencing high altitude climbs for the first time, moreover in a new environment for us.

Karen Sidi and Christopher Randing, Switzerland (Private Expedition, October 2013)

_ _ _

Alex and I were really glad to go with Andeanface. Javier took care of all the logistics and everything worked out really smoothly. Gaspar was a great guide and pushed me on to the summit while making sure we were safe. The whole trip was even better with good company; we all got along pretty well. The food, logistics, lodging, the hiking and climbing were really well thought out and laid out. The acclimatization worked great for us (and of course, training at home helps everything). Also what I really liked was their focus on safety and getting to the top and the bottom safely. Overall, we loved our trip and can highly recommend Andeanface.

Stephanie and Alex Vu, USA (Cotopaxi Trek & Climb, October 2013)

_ _ _

After spending a month in Quito and seeing Cotopaxi peeking out of the clouds in the distance, I was really excited to embark on the climbing expedition with Andeanface. I had high hopes, and they were not disappointed. In fact, the trip was even better than I'd anticipated! The accommodations (tents and lodges) were wonderful, the food was delicious, the views were unsurpassed, and the guides were phenomenal. Our guide, Gaspar, was friendly, entertaining, knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and fun to be around. He was also extremely professional and safety conscious - I would feel comfortable climbing with him anywhere. I'm glad I chose to book with Andeanface - the entire experience was pretty perfect. Instead of being hurried from mountain to mountain, we got to linger and enjoy the landscape, hiking between locations as much as possible. We got to swim, enjoy waterfalls, ride horses, and see condors. And, in the end, we got to enjoy breathtaking summit of Cotopaxi. Thanks for everything!"

Katherine Kelberlau, USA (Cotopaxi Trek & Climb, September 2013)

_ _ _

We felt blessed to have such a professional team and guide helping us reach the summit of Cotopaxi! The acclimatization process was 100% effective, and it helped enormously to know that our hikes and climbs were perfectly planned. Thanks you Andeanface and our guide Benno, for the excellent companionship and support in realizing our goal!

Rolland Sanders, Texas USA (Cotopaxi Trek & Climb, August 2013)

_ _ _

I cannot sufficiently praise Andeanface and express how good a trip it was. Not only were all the arrangements and itinerary excellent, Benno was a great companion to my son and I and I’m quite sure a lesser guide would not have succeeded in getting us to the summit of Cotopaxi!!

Keith Anderson, Canada (Cotopaxi Trek & Climb, July 2013)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
Thank you for planning such an amazing adventure. Nacho was the perfect guide. In fact he's better than anyone else I have travelled with before.
One thing I would recommend: I wish we stayed an extra day at Tambopaxi instead of the hostel by Ilinizas. Tambopaxi's beauty is jaw dropping.
Everything was perfect; the acclimatization was perfect; and reaching Cotopaxi summit I felt like I could have spent days there; also great food everywhere, and excellent huts.
Again thank you and hope to use your services in the future. Regards,

Igor Bekker, Russia (Private Cotopaxi trip, June 2013)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
We climbed to the Whymper summit on Chimborazo! During the (hard) climb I wondered why I do this? … Freddy said it best afterwards, he said, "Yes it's hard, but it is a passion".
My experience with Andeanface and Freddy is very positive. You both always do exactly what you say you are going to do; what more can I ask? Freddy wants to please his client and keep him safe, he wants to do a good job and he does. I am trying to learn Spanish and Freddy perseveres, with great patience, in explaining everything in Spanish (although his English is excellent) and "suffers" my bad Spanish in return.
Thank you very much for organizing this rewarding trip. I would not want to do it on my own.

Andrew Chandler, UK (Private Chimborazo Expedition, May-June 2013)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
I never told you how great of a time we had and how great a guide Sebastian was. Maryna ended up having the flu or something the day of our Cotopaxi climb so we didn’t make it (she was really sick for the next few days too) but it was still a good memory helped by the fact that we got engaged shortly after she got better! We agreed to go climbing again someday, although not this summer.
Best wishes,

Erik Sorensen, UK (Volcanoes Expedition April 2013)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
Sorry we did not meet up on our trip to your wonderful country; we are now back safe and sound in the UK, with fantastic memories. Please convey my thanks to Pepe, who was a superb guide; much more than a mountain guide, totally professional in every way, both on the mountain, and off: he made our trip all that we could have hoped for. Yes sometimes the mountains say “No summit today”, and we are experienced enough to know what happens. We stayed in some fantastic locations, and although we did not summit some of the itinerary because of the weather, this was more than made up for by Pepe who gave us a wonderful introduction to your country, the Jungle, Religion, Politics, food, flowers, birds, 4 wheel driving, Shamans, animals etc., and of course the climbing, any subject and Pepe knew his job, always on time, or a message sent about the unpredictable delays in Quito. Job well done!
I would not hesitate to offer my recommendations,
Many thanks,

John Doyle, UK (Volcanoes Expedition, March 2013)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
Here’s my feedback about the trip.
First, thank you very much for a very well organized and smooth program. Logistics was perfect and we could focus completely on climbing. The hosterias we stayed (Guachala, La Estacion) were gorgeous and definitely a big bonus to the overall trip. The program itself was very well put together and I had near perfect acclimatization, with no issues whatsoever once in the mountains. Nacho was fantastic: energetic and funny but also very professional, responsible and encouraging, it was an immense privilege to have him as guide. Even though the weather in Cayambe was terrible and we didn’t get to do as much training as we’d like, we managed to put our new skills to test on Cotopaxi and fortunately summited on our first attempt, thanks also to the attention and support we got from him. I felt quite "at home" during these 11 days, made some good new friends, and once again, fell in love with Ecuador. Oh well, now I have to go back!
All the best,

Cissa Carvalho (Glacier School Expedition, Jan 2013)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
Just wanted to drop you a mail and say thanks for everything in the prep for the week we spent in the run up to climbing Cotopaxi.
The acclimatisation programme was hard but effective - Mili and I made the summit on 31st jan - after gleaming at us a few days beforehand, the mountain threw everything it could at us (blizzard, 45+ mph winds, whiteout, minus 15 degrees temps ) from the start when it was our turn to go.
The guides you use are awesome pros - Henry giving us an amazing week, and our summit guide, Freddie - well, i wouldn't be writing this now if it wasn't for his hauling my ass back out of a crevasse I dropped into whilst descending in the whiteout!! The glacier training the day before proved essential - it was a huge learning curve and may well have changed our lives.
We can't believe we did it - definitely due to your build up programme, so a million thanks, Andeanface rocks our world!

Richard Priestley, UK (Cotopaxi Trek and Climb, Jan 2013)

_ _ _

Thank you for a wonderful experience with Andeanface. Henry is a wonderful, professional guide – and the whole group was so pleased we had someone so patient and easy going. The weather conditions on Cotopaxi where really bad, but Henry coaxed me up the mountain and watched over me, so I was able to summit. We took several photo’s of the trip, so I will send you the slide show once completed.
Thanks again – we will definitely recommend Andeanface to our friends!

Aisha and Peter (Cotopaxi Trek and Climb, January 2013)

_ _ _

The trip was excellent. The logistics were organized beautifully. Our guides Gapsar, Topo and Cesar were knowledgeable, competent, helpful, caring and fun and I felt safe and comfortable with them throughout the trip. A special thanks to Gaspar for encouraging me to try Antisana. The ascent up the glacier was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it (besides feeling so tired and out of breath in the final hours!) Hiking from base camp under clear skies with stars, moon, lightning in the amazon, seeing Sangay erupt in the distance when it got light, then getting to the summit and having views above the clouds was an awesome experience. The acclimatization peaks were fun too. I have many great memories of the trip and hope I will return to Ecuador for another trip with Andeanface in the future.
I will certainly send you some of my better pics once I have a look at them all and sort out the best ones to keep!
Merry Christmas!

Andrea Batistel, Canada (Antisana Charity Expedition, December 2012

_ _ _

Just want to drop a note and say thank you on behalf of myself, Bob, Mark and Joel. We had great time and that due in part to your excellent guiding service. Logistics worked perfectly and the guide, Henry, was fantastic. I’d definitely recommend you to other hikers.
Pls send me the certificate of achievement re summiting Cotopaxi via email as we Americans like to boast about these sorts of things.
Thanks again!

Aladdin Ghafari, US (Cotopaxi Trek and Climb, December 2012

_ _ _

I wanted to thank you for all of your help during the trip. Your support was consistent and immediate. I greatly appreciated your quick responses to my messages. The program was great and even with the minor bumps along the way the clients barely noticed a thing. You run a tight ship down there and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have work with you.
Thanks again!

Jaime Pollitte, North America Program Director for Mountain Madness (Volcanoes Expedition, December 2012

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
Another great experience with Andeanface. Antisana was a great climb, and it was good to see the Child N Family Center in Ambato. It was also good to see you again, meet Helma, and hike with the teachers and parents of the British School. Topo and Cesar were great, as was Gaspar. He showed us the best side of Ecuador, and he's an amazing mountain guide.
I'm already starting to plan Chimborazo. All I need is more vacation time. Maybe next year!!.

Ken Schmaltz, Canada (Antisana Charity Expedition, December 2012)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,
We are back in Quito and leave for home tomorrow. We have had a marvelous time in Ecuador and your agency's care and Fabian were magnificent.
Thank you so much!

Marics Family, USA (Private Expedition, 22 November 2012)

_ _ _

Sebastian was excellent! He spoke excellent English, was clearly very competent and always had the best interests of the group in hand. No problem or question was too much trouble. A good sensitivity to English/Australian client needs. He was pivotal in the success of this trip!

Ecuador Volcanos Team (Jagged-Globe Expedition November 2012)

_ _ _

Hello Andeanface,

I can´t believe it has been now two weeks since I returned from the expedition, and I just wanted to thank you all for your outstanding guiding work in the mountains with us, it’s one expedition I won’t forget; sadly the weather wasn’t always on our side, but hey the views were great and your country’s beautiful culture was enough to bring me back, so I hope to return next year to bag Cotapaxi, can’t wait to return!
All the very best,

Simon Bennett, UK (Volcanoes Expedition, September 2012)

_ _ _

Hi Javier:

It’s been a bit hectic since we arrived back in the UK. We had a fantastic time and really appreciated all the hard work Marco and yourself put into helping us have a really amazing time in Ecuador. We packed in so much because of your company's efficient planning and although we didn't reach the summit of Cotopaxi we know we made the best of the trip given the weather.

Jenny Hall and Louis Hume, UK (Volcanoes Expedition, August 2012)

_ _ _

I'm very glad that I picked Andeanface to take care of my climbing in Ecuador. The firm is very trustworthy and reliable. The guides are very knowledgeable and competent and they know the mountains and country very well. This ensures that the client can feel more relaxed and enjoy the climbing under safe conditions. Andeanface provides a very professional logistic setup which makes a trip into the mountains a lot easier and fun. If a problem occurs the problem will be solved very quickly and efficiently.
Overall I can and will highly recommend Andeanface as a tour organiser for anybody who is going to climb in Ecuador.

Best regards, Peter Vesterskov, Denmark (Cotopaxi Trek and Climb Expedition, July 2012)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,

Thanks for great trip.
All was well organized - the food was delicious.
La estacion - wonderful little hotel.
Marco - great guy & mountainguide -- also has superior driving skills.

Thanks much for all!!
Silvia Montag, Germany (Chimborazo private trip, May 2012)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,

It was an EXCELLENT trip!!  Thank you fo putting things together so fast.  I thought the itinerary was good choice, on the mountains to acclimate with.  If I had 1 more day, a hike to Illiniza would have been very nice. Tambopaxi was a great place to stay, and I was surprised it was so close to Cotopaxi with the views. Marco was an excellent guide!  Also a great choice. He was extremely knowledgeable about the mountains, conditions, trekking etc. We had good conversation also. I would highly recommend him. 
I would like to return some day to do another trip or maybe more, maybe with friends also. Would be great to look at Marco as a guide again. I feel very fortunate to have made the summit. Of the other 7 hikers (and 3 guides), we were the only ones to make it. We made a good pace, and Marco did awesome job at finding paths through the crevasses, which had all shifted and held things up. Even then, we made the hike (according to Marco's time) in about 5.5 hours. Not bad!!

Cliff Curtis (Costum Private Cotopaxi trip, May 2012)

_ _ _

Overall, the 4 days of the trek were highly enjoyable and I would be happy to recommend your company to anyone. We had glorious weather, the scenery was stunning, the accommodation was nice and we felt well-looked after.

There were a few tiny points for improvement in your trekking program - as I say, these are only minor points. On the whole, we were both very pleased with Fabian Freire as the guide and the trip, it was a very enjoyable way to explore a beautiful region in Ecuador.

Charlotte Brierley, UK (Quilotoa trek, March 2012)

_ _ _

Anyhow, in all seriousness, Dan and I are so grateful for all of the careful planning and last-minute arranging you did to make our trip possible. Even our failed attempt at Antisana taught us a lot about mountain conditions, trust, listening to the inner voice when things don't feel quite right, etc. And then of course we had Cotopaxi, which couldn't be compared to any other mountain or experience we've ever had. Just breath-taking. We also appreciated your patience in reassuring us of our safety on the mountains given the avalanche risks and other concerns. I can see why your company has become so successful and earned the reputation it has.

As far as Jaime Avila, he is the best guide we have ever had. Hands down.

Shelley Sanner, USA (Antisana Expedition, Feb 2012)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,

We were very impressed with the guide Pepe.  He was extremely accommodating, gracious, knowledgeable and just a joy to be around.
Pepe was well prepared, was flexible when things changed throughout the trip, was very personable, and shared his love for the region with us. Once the kids discovered that he lived in the jungle,they bombarded him with questions that he freely answered. The kids were in awe of his lifestyle-as were we!  He also was confident in everything he did and had endless energy-he never sat still!

I can certainlly recomend my friends climbing with your organization
Wendy Hermman, USA (January 2012)

_ _ _

Hello Javier, Feliz año nuevo!

It was a pleasure to briefly meet you in Quito prior to our journey through the volcanoes. I wanted to thank Andeanface for providing us with great services during our stay in Ecuador. Henry was a wonderful, competent and friendly guide with whom we will certainly keep in touch.

All the best for 2012,
Aude - Canada

_ _ _

Javier and Marco,

I am sorry that I have not commented on the week long trip my son, James, and I experienced in the mountains of Ecuador in mid September. It was a terrific experience never to be forgotten. Your services exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed with our guide, Marco, and his knowledge of this sport and he was very concerned with safety and he was very patient with me one who lacks a lot of experience. I was able to climb two out of the three mountains and that satisfied me one who is approaching sixty years. My son, James, completed all of the mountains including Cotopaxi. Again, it was a great experience and your company displayed a professionalism that really impressed me. Hope you guys are doing well down there.

“Tim Easly” (Cotopaxi Trek and Summit, 21 September 2011)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,

Overall, Suzanne and I had a phenomenal time on our trip in Ecuador.  We were thinking on the flight back about what kind of feedback we wanted to give and I think these were the most important points:

  •  We thought that Marco was clearly a very competent and knowledgeable guide. We felt very safe travelling with him in the mountains, in all sorts of conditions, and he was always very open to answering questions and helping us understand the different mountain conditions.  He also had a lot to share about the flowers and wildlife in the area which was very interesting to us.
  •  We thought that the trip had a great mixture of hiking in different types of areas.  We really enjoyed the ascents of the volcanoes but it was also awesome to get a taste of the countryside during some of the easier, acclimatizing days.  We also loved the different haciendas and lodges that we stayed at along the way and were excited to be able to ride horses at Hacienda El Porvenir!


Jenny & Suzanne (Cotopaxi Expedition, May 2011)

_ _ _

Good afternoon Javier!

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that the expedition went extremely well this year, as it did last.
You are extremely lucky to have Nacho as one of your guides as he is qualified, laid back, safe and a great asset with respect to Ecuadorian culture.
Members of the expedition commented on how fluid the logistics played out from lodging to transport to guides etc.
I think that is in huge part to your experience and organization at Andean Face!


Brad Boehringer, FTA (Cotopaxi Trek and Summit Expedition. January 2011)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,

Just a note to say we had a great trip. We found it tough enough but are very happy to have reached the summits of Cayambe and Cotopaxi, a tremendous experience. Many thanks to you and to Abraham who was a first class guide, professional and good company with it. Maybe Antisana or Chimborazo next time, though I will need to work on managing the altitude!

With thanks and best wishes, Stuart and Fiona.
"Stuart Allan" - Scotland January 2011

 _ _ _

"On my long awaited return to Ecuador after 17 years, I was fortunate to be part of a group using the local company Andeanface. Every detail of the expedition was meticulously organised."

Claire Marvin, UK, January 2011

 _ _ _

Thank you for organising such an amazing trip!, we had an amazing time! The weather certainly conspired against us and we endured failed summit attempts on both Antisana and subsequently Cotopaxi but this was followed by a picture-perfect ascent on Cayambe the day before we left. Throughout both Javier and Jaime (in particular as he was our guide) could not have been more accommodating about our requirements. They moved the itinerary on more than one occasion and Jaime showed considerable intuition when making suggestions

Antisana Expedition
Michael Palij UK, December 2010

_ _ _

Hi Javier and happy New Year!

Sorry for not replying earlier to your e-mail.
Comments on the trip: great! Quito was much nicer than I thought, particularly the old town, really enjoyed the tour we had as well.
We enjoyed the acclimatization climbs, Ruru Pichincha with some scrambling was a nice departure from snow travelling and a good start. Cayambe was very good training for the Antisana climb, In general the acclimatization was way too short (constant headache), but that was something you could do nothing about as we only had few days to complete the programme (and I’m glad we did). The Antisana day was very special, Felipe and Nacho were fantastic and I could not really fault their attitude at any point. They also tried very hard to overcome the last obstacle at the top, but the ice was just really bad. Being there or 50mt higher did not make a huge amount of difference to me.
The accommodations were nice (Hacienda Guachala is a special place, but I have to admit that the best memory other than Antisana will be the day at the Papallacta Spa, I think you should always try to include a day there before the climb).
To summarize, very happy, would have not changed anything (other than length of trip by 2-3 days maybe) and will def return to the Andes. Spoke to Felipe about attempting Alpamayo some time from now after a bit more preparation on our skills, hopefully you can be of help on that trip as well.

Finally, well done on your children center, worthy initiative. Can you please send me the website for it pls?
Thanks and talk soon,
Fabio Pecce de Italia - December 2010

_ _ _


Sorry for the long delay.  The trip was very good.  Marco is a great guide and very hard worker.  He always made sure our needs were taken care of - true at times we didn't always understand each other but those times were minimal and it is to be expected anyway when someone is communicating in a language other than their own.
I wasn't sure I would be able to make the summits but right from the beginning Marco told me to take things slowly and I would be fine. I particularly liked the camp set ups - they exceeded my expectations. We were fortunate to have good conditions and good weather for the summit days.
Marco sent me some photos I really like (especially at the summit of Cotopaxi).  

Wishing you every success in the New Year!
Steve Porter
South Saint Paul, Minnesota (Glacier School, December 2010)

_ _ _


Thank you for a great trip!  Couldn't have asked for anything better.
You have a great staff and Marco was absolutely awesome!

Jonathan Hastings (Cotopaxi Trek and Summit, 21 November 2010)

_ _ _

Yeah, I was very happy to summit - we were very lucky with the weather.  It was a great trip and met lots of great people.
The whole week went well.  Marco was a good guide and it worked out well. 
Food was good.  The accommodations were great.  Very happy that some of the equipment was included - ice axe, crampons.  The other guides were really helpful too. 

Thanks for everything,
Jeremy Bartol USA (Cotopaxi Trek and Summit, 21 November 2010)

_ _ _

Hi Javier,

My apologies for not writing sooner. I really had a great time in Ecuador. The trek/climb was well planned and well-paced for acclimatization. Marco was a great guide. When researching the trip I had read that some guides push the clients too hard and they either become exhausted and don't summit, or get altitude sickness.  Marco really seemed to observe my abilities and set a pace that was appropriate for me to summit Cotopaxi. By the way, I enjoyed meeting your family at Tambopaxi after the climb. It would have been nice to have summited Cayambe, but I am glad that I tried.
I  have lost the email address Marco gave me.  I have posted many of the pictures I took on Facebook under my name (Marvin Godsey).  Have a look and please let Marco know also, and tell him hello and thanks for a great trip!

Best regards,

Marv (Cotopaxi Trek and Summit, 21 November 2010)

_ _ _

Hola Javier,

Chris, Darren and I had such an amazing time with Pepe and Marco. Pepe was a marvellous guide with lots of information about Ecuador to share with us. We had a well rounded experience with him and learned a lot about climbing the Ecuadorian mountains and basic mountaineering skills from both of them. They were a highlight on our trip.

Thank you so much! We will absolutely be returning to climb and trek with Andeanface.
Best, Jennifer Kong (Glacier School, August 2010)

_ _ _

The trip was well planned and set up perfectly. Henry was an excellent guide. He was very interested in giving us "Ecuador" while we were trekking thru the countryside.  Lots of people would have just kept on walking without taking the time to explain the plants and customs of Ecuador.
Hacienda Porvenir and Tambopaxi were both great places to stay also. I can't tell you how much the whole group enjoyed them both. 

Thanks for the great trip,
Aaron Howell USA - July 2010

_ _ _


Cotopaxi was amazing. I´m very glad I decided to do the trek instead of a trip that drives from mountain to mountain. The Ecuador I saw while hiking was more beautiful than I had imagined.
Henry was a great guide, and I was amazed at his knowledge of the plants and culture of the area we were trekking in. Ramiro and Marco were also impressive, and I’m looking forward to climbing Cayambe with them.
I’ll definitely recommend Andeanface to another group from Calgary that is planning to do some climbing in Ecuador in January. I´m very impressed with the quality of your guides and logistics.

Thanks, Ken Schmaltz (Cotopaxi Trek and Summit, July 2010)

_ _ _ 

"I had the good fortune to climb with professionals in Ecuador. Javier, the head guide is an international high altitude climber with experience world-wide."

Carol Masheter, Utah, USA

_ _ _

Dear Javier,

First of all let me thank you very much for this wonderful experience. Like you already expected it, I enjoyed every minute of it. I think you came up with a great acclimatisation tour, with a bit of everything, hacienda's, camping, refugio, the top of course, different landscape, really great. I would also like to compliment you on the organisation. In one word: outstanding. Marco is more kind, more professional, more knowledgeable than any other European guide I have ever climbed with (and I know quite a few). Keep up the good work!

Bob Pandrea Holland  

_ _ _

Hi Javier,

First of all I want to thank you very much for having organised our three weeks in Ecuador. The experience was outstanding. I enjoyed every minute of my stay. This depended mostly on the perfect organisation of the package you had arranged for us. I had no idea what to expect, really. And then the big surprise of getting picked up at the airport, being hampered and pampered and taken care of in a very nice and friendly way, till getting dropped at the airport for our flight back. My congratulations for having such a competent, professional, and dedicated staff. 
The Cotopaxi Trek and Climb I would recommend to everybody who wants to climb Cotopaxi. It is the perfect combination of getting acclimatised and doing some wonderful hikes in a spectacular scenery. Marco combines the necessary quality of being able to challenge his clients and, on the other hand, puts safety aspects first. With having had various experiences with mountain guides where I live, I was pleasantly surprised; he, too, was not only a mountain guide but also a source of information on issues about Ecuador. 
Last but not least, I greatly appreciate your choice of hostels and haciendas: wonderful places to discover and recover, perfect hospitality, and great food.
I am sure this was not my last trip in Ecuador organised by you and your company. Keep up the excellent work.

Please say my warmest thanks to Fabian and Marco. It was a great pleasure to have spent the days with them. 
Kind regards, and again thank you so much for organising and having taken care of us.
Ulla Keller, Germany

_ _ _

I want another trip with Marco. Expect to hear from me again.
Muy muchas gracias...hasta luego

Richard Rose

_ _ _


In view of the weather I can’t really make any sensible comments on the trip as planned. However we did enjoy our trip in spite of the weather.  Joshua was great in reacting to the conditions by offering us lower  but interesting routes and probably spending more days on the mountain with us than originally planned. There is obviously a lot more to Ecuador climbing than volcanoes with snow on top. Have you ever thought of offering a wider variety of itineraries?
We obviously brought the bad weather home with us as temperatures in Glasgow were  -14 Centigrade (normally about +2 in Dec) with lots of transport problems. We would like to thank you for your efficient organisation, flexibility and support in making it a stress free holiday.

Louie and Anne Scotland UK

_ _ _

Hello Javier!

Thank you SO much for all of your wonderful work this week! I had a truly challenging and wonderful experience. Marco is very knowledgeable-I am truly appreciated his wisdom & experience.

Stacey Shand USA

_ _ _

I can sincerely recommend Javier Herrera of www.andeanface.com or any of his guides. By the way, whole mountaineering community in Ecuador is amazing - many of their guides speak fluent English, all of them are educated, well trained and strong climbers and I made quite a few friends there. Get in touch with Javier and in case he is not available himself, he will definitely recommend you the best guide for your needs.

Ken Roger, Canada

_ _ _

Another reason I chose Andeanface is that they are associated with Danielle Children's Fund, which helps impoverished kids in Ecuador and Nepal. If you have any used toys or children's clothes, I'll arrange to pick them up, take them down to Ecuador with us, and donate them on behalf of CORA.

Oh yeah, and Andeanface is about half the cost of American and European guiding companies.
David Bell

_ _ _

This is Jack Sanford. My son and I were led on the Glacier School Expedition from August 1-12 by Henry Moya. I have been meaning to write to you with praise and thanks for providing us with a safe and exciting journey through the Andes.
Before mentioning some highlights of our expedition, it should be made clear that we had a tremendously rewarding experience in the Andes because of your company and Henry Moya.
You and Andeanface delivered an exceptional experience that we will never forget. Although we were unable to reach the summit of two glacier covered volcanoes due primarily to weather, the experience trying to reach them was unforgettable.  Bryan and I want you also to know that Henry is your best guide, because we can't imagine anyone being any better.
Henry was tremendously patient with us in so many ways.  We were not very good in tying knots and he always seemed to be ready to show us again and again.  His positive spirit on and off the trail kept us thinking that we can meet the challenge of the climb.  During the second week of the expedition at Tambopaxi, Bryan got an intestinal infection and when we realized that Cipro was not working, Henry talked with another guide and offered us a different drug.  We hesitated at first, but it helped Bryan get better.
After returning to the states, I can't stop thinking of the trip. The volcanoes and the desire to reach the top of them is constantly on my mind, and I can't wait to go back to Ecuador for another expedition.  Although I have to wait and save money, I am planning Javier, your company was excellent and I will refer people interested in climbing in Ecuador to your website.

You can use anything that I have written here as a reference for people interested in Andeanface.
Say hello to Henry for us. Take care, 

Jack and Bryan

_ _ _

"The guide offered exceptional service in terms of mountaineering safety, and high quality adventure. He also affords invaluable understanding of the people and culture of Ecuador."

Reverend Doctor Bob Gram, New Jersey, USA


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Cheaper than US Companies

I had a great experience with your company in Ecuador. One of the reasons I chose Andeanface, is that you are associated with Danielle Children's Fund, which helps impoverished kids in Ecuador and Nepal... And Andeanface is about half the cost of American guiding companies!!!

David Bell, UK
November 2012
Cotopaxi Trek & Climb


Andeanface - Top Professionals

I've lived just outside of Quito for almost 3 years. I have climbed with 4 different guides from Andeanface.... Corazon, Cotopaxi, Cayambe, Illiniza Sur and Chimborazo. They are the BEST.....meticulous ....top professionals.
There are many guiding companies in Quito.....don't mess around to save a few bucks. These are the guys who top climbers look to when they need some quick high altitude training, heading right off to the Himalaya afterwards.

Steve Tober, Canada (April 2012)

Andeanface - Highly Recommended

On YouTube, the Andeanface clients Anna & Robert Higgins have uploaded a movie about their Andes Mountain Trek and Climb Expedition to Quito, Ecuador. They highly recommend Andeanface Guide Company and are very enthusiastic about the unique expedition: trekking around and climbing of three volcanoes; Pasochoa, Rumiñahui and finally Cotopaxi. Watch their movie here!

Anna & Robert Higgins
“Cotopaxi Trek and Climb Expedition 2011”

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