Volunteer Programs

Learn through Experience

Andeanface has been organizing educational expeditions for young people, which have a strong emphasis in nurturing their consciousness about the aspects that define our different social realities.
We believe that cultural interaction is a great aspect in every educational expedition that we organize. People in the Andes are culturally different than in western countries. And although there is a different language, traditions and history, human values are the same in most societies. In any of our voluntary work programs, students will have the chance to interact with local people who are related to the projects.
We think that cultural interaction is the best way to ultimately understand one another and therefore avoid racial and social prejudice.

There is a lot to learn from people in the Andes. In rural areas, they normally have a basic economy, and live in small villages. Students will be delighted to see that they are warm hearted and spontaneous to foreign visitors.

We run the following volunteer programs:

El Quinual



Student Groups

We strongly believe that tourism should stimulate the local people living in the areas we visit. A lot of our clients visit the Child ‘N Family centre in Ambato, and we organize educational expeditions for student groups.
We have started various voluntary work programs for school groups in different mountain regions of Ecuador.

Different Projects

The main project we support is from the Daniëlle Children’s Fund and is located in Ambato: a lot of our individual clients and student groups go to this Child 'N Family centre; just for a short visit or to do volunteer work.

We also organize other student volunteer programs in the following villages: