Social Responsibility

Street Kids

According to the Latin American Press, 10.000 children work and live in the streets of the cities of Ecuador. They have made the streets their own home. Outside a modest restaurant at night in Quito, a little ten year old boy named Robert tearfully recounts: "I work to make my living, so that I can buy food and help my grandmother." Many children like Robert - who sell newspapers and sweets, or clean windshields - inhale glue to escape from consciousness and the painful reality of hunger. These cases are part of the sad urban reality of the major cities of our country.



Helma of Danielle Children's FundAndeanface is directly linked with projects to help these kids, as one of its directors, Helma van der Hoeven, is founder of the Daniëlle Children’s Fund (, a charity organization from The Netherlands which accompanies children in need.

"There are many of these street children... no real house, no food, no love. For most of the tourists they are just part of the city landscape. It is something people expect to see in third world countries. No real surprise...Just a little sad...
To give them a dollar is often a reason to forget them a few minutes later. Many do not realize that these children are real. Little human beings with hunger for food, for warmth and for love. Unfortunately, they do not disappear when the tourist turns the corner of the street."

Helma van der Hoeven
Daniëlle Children's Fund



Our name not only refers to the mountain faces, but also to the faces of the children of the Andes. Andeanface combines two meaningful realities which are the driving forces of our lives: the mountains and kids of the Andes. We provide reliable outdoor climbing services to people who love nature and provide logistic support for international outdoor organizations: in the meantime we take social responsibility and make a contribution towards the development of the local communities where we operate. We strongly believe that tourism can contribute to the children in need of Ecuador. Therefore we support the Daniëlle Children’s Fund (DCF) and develop voluntary work programs together with them.