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Ecuador does not have four seasons as other parts of the world. However it is possible to experience the four seasons in one single day!
It can start as a sunny morning with hot temperatures, then become cloudy and even throw a rampant hail storm and rain showers early in the afternoon, just to end with a beautiful sunset and a cold night. So while you climb in our country, the time of the day is more important than the time of the year.

Trekking and climbing in Ecuador is possible almost any day of the year, being the best months from November to February to ascend the mountains located on the eastern mountain range or “cordillera”. The rest of the mountains can be climbed all year round. This phenomenon is caused by the wet season in the Amazon Jungle that sends its humidity up to the west affecting the eastern cordillera.

For Andeanface, the high season in Ecuador is actually determined by the free time that European and American climbers have for a climbing holiday.


Yossi Brian, a well known British climber and writer, wrote the following in his book on climbing in Ecuador:

“There are two climbing seasons in Ecuador: May through August and November to February. Allegedly, the eastern cordillera is drier November through February and the western Cordillera, June through August (though it is often windy). Cotopaxi has more clear days than any other peak in Ecuador… More important than the time of the year is the time of the day you climb

Yossi Brian
A Climbing Guide, The Mountaineers, 2000