Why Ecuador?

Because it is all accessible in one place: Ecuador’s special appeal to mountaineers, trekkers and nature lovers can be explained in one word: Accessibility.

Why with us?

It is very simple – our team is comprised of the best Ecuadorian climbing and trekking guides. Some of us have historical guiding achievements including guiding on Everest; others are well known for their leading expeditions in South America.

Our mountain guides are an essential part of Andeanface because they understand and share principles which we have built together with them through the years: safety, camaraderie, solidarity. The quality of our guides is the main difference between us and our competitors.

Every trek is an adventure. A deeply immersive way to get in touch with nature, discover new places and explore the Ecuadorian Andes mainly on foot. But what if you could go further and ascend higher, tackle a climb on a glaciated peak such as Cotopaxi? From a combination of several day hikes to summit attempts of the main volcanoes, Andeanface presents you with a hiker’s and climbers Mecca, led by the ecuadorian guides-so popular that former clients often return to hike with us.

Andeanface personalizes your experience. Pre-arrival, we actively seek personal information, which allows us to cater to your individual needs and preferences, thereby enabling us to design a quality experience that is tailor made to fulfill your expectations.

During your time in Ecuador, our highly trained and sought after guides, observe, listen and use their highly honed sense intuition that comes from years of perfecting the art of guiding, in order to build a strong personal relationship with you. This is evidenced by the fact that many of our clients return for more, some have returned multiple times!

About Cotopaxi Volcano: Our Jewel and from time to time, our burden

Cotopaxi has been active in the last 150 years many times. As modern inhabitants of Ecuador, we didn’t know anything about its impact on our society and economy, until 2014, the year in which the volcano became active after nearly 130 years since the last period of time, and for about 10 months in total, and now is active again since October 2022. It has a low level of activity, but is active enough (gasses, water vapor and ash come out regularly), as not to be able to operate high mountain climbing expeditions on this volcano. We have adapted our itineraries so we can offer you a great mountaineering experience in Ecuador.


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