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Chimborazo 6.310 m / 20,702 ft

Conquer the highest summit on Earth measured from the center of the planet

DURATION 2-3 days



NEW ROUTE UPDATE: Improved chances to climb Ecuador’s highest mountain!
You may have read in your research that the traditional routes on Chimborazo have been gradually falling out of shape due to global warming and the loss of snow and ice in certain areas. Over the past decade, conditions have varied from year to year depending on the scale of the annual snowpack, but because of the slow but continuous loss of ice, we have basically moved out of that cyclical pattern of good and bad years into consistently bad ones for the standard route. There has been a growing amount and frequency of rock fall from the El Castillo Face that sweeps the old route. Since 2017 we do not use the normal route on Chimborazo ( leaving from the hut) as it has become too dangerous, we now use the western ridge route leaving from a high camp at 5,350m/17,500 ft, since we use this route the success rate on Chimborazo is very high than before as summit for our clients day gets much shorter, Andeanface considers its responsibility to offer safety first for our clients as for our team of guides.

Chimborazo is Ecuador’s highest peak. For many years European climbers thought it was the highest mountain in world. In fact, it is the highest mountain if measured from the centre of the Earth, and it's the mountain closest to the sun due to the Earth’s wider shape. The first ascent was made by the famous expeditionary Edward Whymper back in 1892. The mountain has four main summits:

• Veintimilla 6.267 m / 20,561 ft (named by Edward Whymper after the president of Ecuador)
• Whymper 6.310 m / 20,702 ft
• Politecnica 5.820 m / 19,094 ft
• Nicolas Martinez 5.570 m / 18,274 ft (named after one of Ecuador’s mountaineering pioneers)

Our 14 day Volcanoes expedition is also available for those looking for a full program https://www.andeanface.com/tour/volcanoes-expedition/

Or our sea to summit Chimborazo (biking and mountaineering expedition) is also available for those looking for a unique challenge https://www.andeanface.com/tour/sea-to-summit/

Arrive/Depart: Quito, Baños or Riobamba

Group Size: 1:2

Pre-requisites: Some previous glacier travel experience

Difficulty Levels: Advanced

Extension: Optional 1 extra day for weather contingency

Access/Depart: Drive in and drive out with 3 hours hike to camp

Accomodation: Camping (5.400 m / 17,700 ft)

Activity: Hiking / Climbing / Camping

Seasons: All year round

Equipment: Climbing Excursions Gear List
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The Western ridge route not only provides more safety but also more adventure because we will be camping instead of using mountain refuges, it is a real expedition style. Clients will be more actively involved in getting their own equipment to the camp.

Important Note: Chimborazo is a hard climb and physically very demanding. We expect our clients to have some previous experience with crampons.


Travel to Chimborazo region - Hike High Camp on Chimborazo

Today we travel by jeep to the Plaza Roja (4,852m / 15,914 ft) located close to the Carrel hut. From there, it takes us about three hours to walk to the high camp (5,350m/17,500ft ) where we spend the afternoon preparing for the climb the next day. You will be involved carrying your own equipment to the camp. Porters will help carrying the tents, food, water and communal gear such as ropes.

Activity: 3 hours trekking

Transportation: 4-hour private van/jeep transfer

Meals: Box Lunch


Summit Chimborazo

We start the climb at about midnight following the western ridge until it joins the Castle Saddle (5,500m / 18,044 ft.). This new variant to the normal Castle Ridge route, free from rock fall, makes it a much safer line to the top. From the high Camp it normally takes six hours to get to the Whymper summit, from where you will enjoy one of the most impressive views in Ecuador. The descent to the Camp takes two hours. After returning to the camp, we’ll have some rest, drinks, pack, descend to Plaza Roja, and drive to the valley.

Activity: 6 hours climbing up / 2 hours descending

Meals: Box Lunch

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Spare summit day

An extra day can be added to the excursion under request. Important Note: This schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen difficulties.

Graphic of the NEW Route

Important: Please note that this itinerary is a guideline only. We will do every effort to follow it, but in case of unforeseen circumstances we may have to make changes.


  • Chimborazo is Ecuador's highest mountain
  • Just 45 minutes away from the city of Riobamba, and 4 hours from Quito
  • Spectacular views of the coastal plains towards the West
  • One of Ecuador's most challenging climbs, physically and mentally
  • Chimborazo is the nearest point to the sun on the surface of the Earth




The best and easiest way for us to answer any questions you might have about the expedition, as an individual or a group, is through a Zoom call with the head guide from our team. We are happy to arrange a meeting ideally pm Eastern time for us, Let us know by sending an email to




Our Complimentary Extension Packages offer great opportunities to explore some of Ecuador’s most dramatic scenaries, which have earned the country a reputation as one of the most bio diverse and unique regions on the planet.

We work with carefully selected tourism operators, which will offer the same quality and high standards of service that our clients expect from us.

You can choose from a selection of various (active) outdoor activities in the Galapagos, the Cloud Forest or Amazon Jungle. We highly recommend to extent your trip with a rafting experience.



It is very simple: our team is comprised of the best Ecuador climbing guides. Our mountain guides are an integral part of Andeanface because they understand and share our climbing principles. The quality of our guiding staff is the primary difference between us and our competitors. Andeanface as a company has been leading climbs in Ecuador since 2005.



Hiking on gravel and glacier travel


Glacier travel on 30-40 degrees slopes


We travel to Chimborazo by jeep, van or bus depending on the size of the group


Due to its position west of the Andean range, is one of the peaks which has more stable weather



Chimborazo is not only the highest of Ecuador's mountains, but nowadays one the most changed and difficult ascents. To climb it securely requires a great level of acclimatization and some previous knowledge of glacier travel techniques. In order to be well prepared to face this challenge, we recommend our clients to climb several other mountains that would provide them with the necessary acclimatization and a practice of the required skills.

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The most accessible mountain from Quito with mesmerizing views of…


1 day


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Glacier School

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Climb Cotopaxi. You can trek and climb the second-highest peak…


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